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Compass Business Suite ... productivity tools on tap

CBS contains:
* Personal Work Tools
* Business Workbench Technologies
* Responsibility Management Systems [Departmental or Functional].

Use the menus [at left] for details of specific applications.

CBS is rigorous, yet flexible ... CBS has been built from the ground up using a universally consistent data model. This means it can be tailored to specific client needs as they arise. Our consulting team can fit it around the way you work. Accordingly, CBS lends itself to risk management and purpose-specific management applications.

CBS features include:
* multi-user
* accessible anywhere over the web
* multi-purpose
* fully configurable functionality by user or group
* tailorable functionality
* concrete, practical and reliable
* industrial strength database
* multi-cluster model available
* user-friendly, flexible, fully scalable
* secure data control, privacy, just-in-time features by record

CBS benefits ... CBS can be put to work in any area of your business to improve your productivity, effectiveness, performance, workflow and control.

Here are a few examples:
* Document management
* Skills assessment and analysis
* Position [Job] descriptions and classification level descriptors
* Business planning and strategy development
* Project planning, control and tendering process management
* Rostering and assignment of staff
* Staff communication
* Customer communication
* Supplier communication
* Stakeholder communication
* Production process definition and quality monitoring
* Preventative maintenance

CBS Components ... include a number of "easy-to-use" Tools, Workbenches and Management Systems such as:
Document Management, Public Relations and Communications Console
* Surveys and Tagging Technology
* ID Cards and Records - Person, Staff, Customer, Supplier, Member, Student
* Staff Files, Project Files, Organisation Files, Subject Files, Case Files
* People and Contacts Filtered Search
* Organisational Structure & Development Workbench
* Performance Management System
* Personnel Management Console
* Staff Productivity Rostering Workbench
* Capabilities Definition and Skills Centre
* Operations Centre Coordinator Console
* Work Scheduling Workbench
* Facilities and Asset Manager
* Operations Management Console
* Workflow Manager
* Business Planning, Strategy and Project CORRIDOR™ [Library and Helicopter views]
* Marketing Development Console
* General Management Console

Thank you for your interest in Compass Commercial
... a better way of (business) life

CORRIDOR™ for Better Team Communication and Corporate Memory