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Outsourcing to IBDC/Compass


Use Compass Scheduling ... a brand new type of service

Compass Commercial has consultants available who can take on the task of scheduling your staffing requirements and priorities for you. Once your basic needs have been quantified, much of the work can be done at a distance. Occasional visits can be arranged when necessary and can be timed to fit in with your management planning cycle.

By outsourcing this task to professionals, your managers are free to concentrate on dealing with core business activities such as customer service and production. They are relieved of the constant burden of meeting scheduling deadlines and staying on top of the whole process. Instead they simply review what has been worked out as the best possible solution.

Before long, our consultants work out templates and simple procedures that make scheduling your staff [with CBS] a much more routine task. When the whole process has been made more efficient and effective, your staff will find their rosters suit them better than before and your managers have less hassles getting the staff they need.

Our consultants are always happy to share their skill and knowledge with your managers. This way, they build up competencies in your team so they can contribute even more to the ongoing success of your business.


Any small, medium or large scale business that has multiple staff performing routine tasks that need to be scheduled into a cyclical roster and wants to save staff cost, can benefit from Compass Scheduling. Scheduling reduces waste and works out the staffing levels and skill competencies your business really needs rather than basing the schedule primarily on staff availability. Staff preferences and availability are taken into account later during the rostering process.

Please contact one of our account managers to discuss the benefits and operational arrangements of outsourcing your scheduling tasks to Compass Commercial.

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