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This HR Executive Brief is intended for Human Resource Directors and other HR professionals.

Welcome to the world of Compass Commercial. This HR Executive Brief has been prepared to give you a sure-fire glimpse of our Company and Product. We hope you find it impressive and useful.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools have been around for a decade or more. Not so, enterprise-wide people management tools which integrate:
•  business direction and intent;
•  marketing brand and product definition;
•  scheduling of roles and work assignments;
•  operational communications, goals and targets;
•  assessment, hiring and rostering of staff with specific capabilities and work preferences; and
•  appraisal, feedback, training and reward systems.

After 5 years work and millions of dollars of investment, Compass Commercial Worldwide is pleased to announce a stunning new enterprise management product, comprising fully integrated and robust software, easy-to-follow business processes, and holistically designed organisation responsibilities and policies.

Truly fit for the 21st Century world of staff relations and workplace productivity and effectiveness, Compass Business Suite embodies the very essence of new world thinking. The benefits to the enterprise are so vast, so significant, yet so achievable, that it takes a series of special presentations to management, to cover them all.

Its most impressive benefits include:
•  creates and maintains organizational culture which allows managers and staff alike to work well together, provide excellent service, solve problems creatively, feel good about themselves and want to work hard for the enterprise
•  removes unnecessary labour hours, yet puts just the right person with the right capability to perform each role, at each place, at each time of each day
•  encourages and facilitates marketing, operations and human resources to work well together to achieve shared goals and intents, based on highly aligned vision, strategy, communication and methods.

In a nutshell, Compass Business Suite is an holistically designed, highly automated, well integrated system of business organization which promotes efficiency, effectiveness and realistic staff satisfaction from work well done. It allows management and staff to feel really organized as a well-oiled team while knowing that their own personal needs and professional development plans are individually being met.

Once an enterprise determines what they want most from Compass Business Suite, the implementation is managed by a project team which includes representatives from management, staff and specially trained professional business consultants.

One such firm, the original designers of Compass Business Suite, based in Sydney Australia, has been consulting to large corporate and government enterprises in such matters for the last 18 years. Their success has come from seeing exactly what makes the enterprise really tick, and building the organizational design around those elements.

They reject the cookie-cutter approach as inappropriate, just leading to the latest fad or "world's best practice" claims that make consultants rich, and leave enterprises looking for the next executive to take the blame. Instead, they tailor the highly adaptable Compass Business Suite to suit the real needs of the business as it truly exists in practice. In that way, everything fits together, the marketing, the business operations, the way staff are treated and the management vision and culture.

Lynn Parsons, a senior business consultant with Compass Commercial, says "a lot of consultants see their role as producing a report. Unfortunately, unless the suggested change is very limited in scope, most management teams don't have the time or the expertise to implement those ideas fully or effectively". The beauty of using Compass Business Suite to facilitate that organizational change is that it is truly incremental and with time, can be fully understood and driven and controlled by the people in the business itself.

Many staff and managers would prefer to work with a business that understands what they need and how they feel. But with competition so fierce, they are never able to find the time to communicate effectively with each other, and management has not been able to install an adequate system of organization which caters for all their needs.

In sheer dollar terms, the technology enables sustainable cost savings and revenue improvement many times the cost of system, which incidentally is paid for on a usage basis.

In any event, for Compass Business Suite to be effective in changing the enterprise culture for the better, the management team must see that as a clear objective.

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