Staff Member Brief  

This Staff Member Brief is intended for employees of large organizations. They may be permanents, part-timers, casuals, contractors, trainees, new recruits, workers, supervisors, managers or even professionals.

You may work for a restaurant, hotel, casino, airline, department store, hospital, nursing home, government department, bank, wholesaler or any other type of enterprise. You may be in the service, entertainment, retail, health, travel, manufacturing, mining or any other industry. You may have a few special skills, or be a jack of all trades. One thing's for sure ... your employer wants you for the capabilities and attributes that you possess.

Welcome to the world of Compass Commercial. This Executive Brief has been prepared to give you a sure-fire glimpse of our Company and Product. We hope you find it impressive and useful.

After 5 years work and millions of dollars of investment, Compass Commercial Worldwide is pleased to announce a stunning new enterprise management product, comprising fully integrated and robust software, easy-to-follow business processes, and holistically designed organization responsibilities and policies.

Its most impressive benefits include:
•  creates and maintains organizational culture which allows managers and staff alike to work well together, provide excellent service, solve problems creatively, feel good about themselves and want to work hard for the enterprise
•  removes unnecessary labour hours, yet puts just the right person with the right capability to perform each role, at each place, at each time of each day
•  encourages and facilitates marketing, operations and human resources to work well together to achieve shared goals and intents, based on highly aligned vision, strategy, communication and methods.

In a nutshell, Compass Business Suite is an holistically designed, highly automated, well integrated system of business organization which promotes efficiency, effectiveness and realistic staff satisfaction from work well done. It allows management and staff to feel really organized as a well-oiled team while knowing that their own personal needs and professional development plans are individually being met.

The beauty of using Compass Business Suite to facilitate that organizational change is that it is truly incremental and with time, can be fully understood and driven and controlled by the people in the business itself.

Many staff and managers would prefer to work with a business that understands what they need and how they feel. But with competition so fierce, they are never able to find the time to communicate effectively with each other, and management has not been able to install an adequate system of organization which caters for all their needs.

For just a few dollars per employee per day, an enterprise can sustainably change its culture, customer service quality, profitability and business outlook. It can become what it always wanted to be.

During the implementation of Compass Business Suite into your enterprise, we ensure that there is adequate communication, education and training (CET) for all managers and staff. This way, everyone gets to hear about how to use the system, what the benefits are for their situation, and how to make the best use of the facilities and functionality provided by the whole suite. We are most eager to show you how.

There are many benefits for staff including:
•  you can submit your own work preferences from time to time, which the rostering engine then takes into account - preferences include things like:
    °  who you want to work with or for, and who you don't
    °  when you want to work, and when not
    °  which role you prefer to fill and which ones you want to avoid
    °  who you need to work at the same time as and who you can't work at the same time as
•  you can see your roster details and who you will be working with, well in advance
•  you can work out your career plan with the business and have it all documented, ensuring training and development activities are fully tied into the plan
•  your career plan will also be tied into the enterprise's succession plan
•  your performance on each shift will be appraised and be taken into account at your regular perfomance review, so you can be appropriately rewarded for your good work and outstanding efforts, and counselled on points that will help you improve your skills in the future - before your shift begins, you even get to see the specific appraisal criteria that will be used by your supervisor
•  you can get to work in a variety of roles and service areas for different supervisors if you want ... its really up to you and your career plan
•  you have more opportunities for being selected onto committees, taskforces and project teams where you have the appropriate capabilities
•  you get more opportunities to develop the skills and acquire the knowledge to do a variety of roles and even to change career streams
•  you get to know much more about what's going on in the business and will have the information about the products, customers, business operational intents and expectations before you start your shift each day
•  you can do your timesheet at a touch of a button
•  you can see who put in what information about you into the system
•  your details are private; other staff, not authorised to handle your roster are barred from viewing anything about you.

There are just too many benefits for staff to list here. If you wish to read more about the Compass Business Suite, we encourage you to work through the [Overview] page and then browse from the pop-down menus on the [Home Page].

Of course, we are only too happy to provide detailed presentations to your enterprise's management team and special briefing sessions for staff of corporate customers, so do feel free to speak to a senior manager or your HR Department about how they can get you going with Compass!

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