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Balanced Performance / People Culture  

Balancing Act! Performance or People?

What sort of culture exists in your enterprise? Is it consistent or patchy? Is the culture in your area representative of the whole ... or does it stand out in some way or other?

As a good manager of people, there is a real need to find the appropriate balance. Do you push people to increase productivity or can you achieve more for the company by finding ways of encouraging them to perform better? In short, is it profit before people, or the other way around?

Clearly, we would all like to believe that people should come before profit. But the sad reality that managers so often face is that they are forced to focus on cutting costs and maintaining quality instead of thinking about how they can increase staff satisfaction and welfare. Indeed, many managers simply leave that sort of thing up to the Human Resources Manager because they themselves are too busy "fighting bushfires" or "dealing with the alligators".

Well, the good news is that with CBS, there is a more balanced approach to business than we have been used to up till now.

COMPASS ISSUES lets you focus on what you want to achieve, and at the same time, ensure you do so in a manner that is viable financially and culturally. It lets you focus on income production, rather than spending undue amounts of time on communicating or co-ordinating staff who lack clarity, vision or motivation.

COMPASS CAPABILITIES lets your people focus on improving themselves and doing a good job to get better performance appraisals. It allows you to select the most appropriate candidate for the job and removes much of the risk of putting the wrong person in charge. It also reduces the time it takes to handle performance or people problems.

COMPASS ROSTERS enables productivity, cost savings and focus on the task at hand. It also promotes healthy attitudes, motivation and staff satisfaction as preferences become met more often. Overlaps and underlaps of assignments and staffing are virtually eliminated. People know what they are there for and leadership emerges naturally.

Compass Business Suite is oriented to a holistic solution. One that encourages individual effort and team results. One that automatically derives the best outcome simply because it is elegantly designed to ensure everything makes sense to everyone, all the time. No confusion, no waste, no hassles, no unresolved issues, no lack of clarity, no doubts, no demotivating outcomes. Actually, it makes working a pleasure.