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What is CBS?

Key Benefits of CBS [Tour]  

CBS - Substantial business benefits: Fully sustainable

There are many ways in which the Compass Business Suite can benefit your organization, including increased organizational flexibility and robustness.

It has been specifically designed to enhance the way the business works, its culture and its profitability.

With CBS you can save management and supervisory time. You can reduce the cost of your rosterable staff. You can maintain an up-to-date audit or inventory of every skill and piece of expertise that your staff possess. And you can plan your business better and collaboratively share that information with those in your team that need to know.

Compass Business Suite enables, encourages and facilitates the following business functions:

  • strategic change
  • cultural change
  • change management
  • marketing
  • organizational development
  • human resource management, assessment centre establishment
  • career planning, succession planning, staff planning
  • operational co-ordination, supervision and management
  • staff-management communications
  • planning at all levels
  • staff scheduling and rostering
  • project, taskforce and committee resourcing
    and much, much more.

    The key measurable benefits are as follows:

  • Improved operational effectiveness, co-operation and productivity throughout the enterprise
  • Reduction in staff costs
  • Less wasted time or down time
  • Increase in staff satisfaction
  • Better staff morale, retention, clarity and focus
  • Increase in revenue
  • Stronger strategic positioning of the business
  • More balanced and human organizational culture which is easier to manage and control.

    And these benefits are no "flash in the pan", here today, gone tomorrow. They are substantial and sustainable. In the medium and longer-term they will produce significant competitive advantage to keep your business profits more stable.

    Management and staff find their work much more enjoyable and satisfying. Productivity improves. Clarity of purpose and intent is enhanced. Accountability, openness, co-operation, teamwork, mutual respect and personal development are the hallmarks of the resultant organizational culture.

    Compass Business Suite improves the whole business operation, producing a sustainable and substantial improvement in profitability in your market segment, like a breath of fresh air ... best described as a new way of business life.

    For a wider view on how CBS can help your enterprise, just take a look at its features by selecting from the "Products" menu at the top of this page.


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