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How CBS Works for You  

Compass Business Suite handles information ...

  • about people and their work,
  • about assets, facilities and other resources,
  • about you, your organisation, your performance and your measures of success.
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CBS handles information about staff, customers, members, suppliers, competitors, even relatives. With CBS, there's no limit on what you can record [and later retrieve] about people.

For example, to find out what people think, you can use CBS's Surveys and Tagging functionality to drive the whole project, starting with defining the project plan, objectives & scope, then constructing your survey materials, completing the research, performing statistical analysis and finally constructing the report. And survey participants can respond directly online and record other information you request about them. The more information you record about people, the better your communication with them ... and the more exact your searches.

You can use CBS's Contacts & Connections functionality to record where people can be found, how best to contact them and who knows who or who is related to whom. You can record all sorts of contact information and you only have to record a particular detail once. This means that you don't have to record the same address or phone number many times over, even though two or more people share the same home or place of work, etc. You can then find the shortest path [least degrees of separation] between any two people.

For customer files, staff files, member files, supplier files or any sort of file about people, you can use CBS's Integrated Files functionality to record their history, where they've been, what's intended to happen next and what's yet to be done.

For staff abilities and experience, recruitment candidate skills, or any sort of attribute about a person, you can use CBS's Capabilities functionality to record their general or specific capabilities. You'll then be able to see at a glance, who's got what and who hasn't. This is great for seeing any skills gaps and obvious training needs.

For staff assignments, member tasks, student homework or any sort of work that people have to do, you can use CBS's Integrated Reporting functionality to see where a person is up to, what they have achieved so far, what's left to be done and any issues that may be stopping their progress. You can record what's intended to be done next and even what sort of outcomes are expected.

At the push of a button or two, CBS can make your life a lot easier, especially when it comes to handling information about people. It helps you target the right people, communicate the right message, identify any inhibiting issues or risks, record responses, file information and report on what's happening and where things are up to.


Work has to be managed. It has to be scheduled, supervised, evaluated, recorded. Work is done best when it is organised. CBS does all this for you, simply and easily.

Documentation Management is one area that CBS excels. You can store all sorts of files electronically, ensure that the appropriate actions are planned, carried out and reviewed. You can be sure that the correspondence you send out or the reports that you release are based on sound research and reasoning. Everything is filed and archived properly at a touch of a button.

Work Scheduling has never been this easy. In fact, up till now, it has been quite hard to do. You have had to know what you are working on, what sort of work or action step that needs doing, when it needs to be done, what sort of skills or abilities need to be applied, who has the necessary capabilities or competence, whether that person or team is available at the right time, whether those people have a preference or interest in doing this sort of work, and how much it is all going to cost [to ensure you can afford it or that you have the priorities right].

After all that's figured out, you then have to communicate with your resourcesa nd ensure they understand what they have to do. Then there's work dockets, timesheets, reports, summaries and statistics that have to be prepared. Otherwise, you just are not managing the whole operation that well. Well, CBS can do all that for you. You can be confident that it is all under control, and your bosses or owners can see what's going on. Your staff will feel more clear and in control. And the job gets done better.


CBS handles all the information about your facilities, sites, plant, equipment, furniture, vehicles, etc. Whether it's a house, a building, a helicopter, a computer or a bed, every productive asset or facility needs to be recorded, maintained, monitored and managed. CBS does this seamlessly and well.


You get to do your job better with CBS. You are more in control. You enjoy what you are doing. You feel confident that you have everything at your fingertips. You are more motivated and want to get started. You are seen to be doing well ... you might even get promoted!

Organisation Structuring and Development is now fully integrated with CBS. The whole structure can be viewed in CBS and you can drill to the details and files on every bit. Who's in what position, reports to whom, is responsible for what, has what authority, etc.

And planning and controlling how your organisation reinvents itself from within is now possible with CBS. Everything from skills audit, to capability gaps that need to be recruited, to performance management.

Career planning and succession planning is now fully supported in CBS. HR can now record their strategies and plans right into the system, then watch it all play out over time.


CBS CORRIDOR lets you plan for success. It handles everything from vision, strategy, goals and objectives to project plans, tasklists, and communications. It encourages people to perform well and helps managers handle performance management issues and provides methods to monitor and review measures of output and success.

Because CBS CORRIDOR is integrated fully with time, people, responsibilities and work, it brings out the best in collaborative work, clarity and team spirit.


CBS is so useful and so well integrated, it soon becomes a way of life for you and your organisation. It works for one person, or a team or whole enterprise. It is fully scalable, available over the web, whereever you are, 24 x 7.

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