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Compass History  

Compass Commercial Worldwide (CCWW) was formed to design and market Enterprise Management Software. Its software serves a wide range of management needs.

CCWW's expertise came out of International Business Design Corporation (IBDC), a management consultancy firm, which has served large corporate and government clients since the early 1980s. IBDC now supports implementations of Compass Business Suite in client enterprises.

The idea was to provide an integrated package that created corporate operational culture aligned to the enterprise's mission, purpose, values and capabilities.

The Compass vision all began in 1996, when IBDC was engaged by a client to create a better way of business life for its people well into the 21st Century.

First came the strategic analysis, then the organization structure, then the management framework, systems and processes.

It was agreed that the implementation had to be supported by a flexible but integrated computerized information system.

Compass Business Suite (CBS), a user-friendly, fully modularized, scalable, integrated enterprise management system was born ...

Compass Business Suite was designed from the ground up, to be robust yet as flexible as possible. It was engineered to be installable on most operating systems. Management can decide just which modules it wants to deploy, how much functionality and just when to do it.
As the development turned into a solid reality, Compass Commercial Worldwide acquired the rights to market the product globally.

The original designers of the product, were retained by Compass Commercial to lead its on-going development team.

As it became clear that the product would be universally applicable throughout all industries, it was decided to establish a local company to market the product in each country. Thus, the various entities, such as Compass Commercial USA, and Compass Commercial Australia were established.

Since then, many of the staff who were heavily involved in the development of the product, (and know it intimately), have joined the marketing & support teams of Compass Commercial USA and Compass Commercial Australia, so they can provide professional support to clients at a local level.

These people are totally dedicated to bring a better way of life to workplaces for all stakeholders.

Together, Compass Commercial and the original designers now work in combination in the Australian and New Zealand market to install Compass Business Suite into enterprises in all industries and market sectors.
Compass Commercial provides the technical installation, implementation and support, and CBS designers and consultants provide assistance to management in Organizational Design, HR Development, Marketing Planning, Resource Scheduling, Management Communications, Team Coaching and Mentoring.

In North America, under the leadership of Ken Schaefer, a highly qualified and experienced organizational development consultant, Compass has established operations in San Antonio and New York to service clients throughout the USA, South America and Canada.

Compass Commercial is now establishing a sales force in selected European countries, initially Norway and France, under the guidance of a leading Business Consultant....



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