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Focus on what you do best ... Outsource the rest!

It is common in business today, to outsource many non-core activities. Outsourcing improves management focus, increases breadth of management capability, reduces costs, eliminates waste, spreads risk.

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Non-core functions lend themselves to being outsourced. Not only is it more efficient, but management can focus on the core activities. And they don't get distracted by things that need to be done but are not absolutely central to what your business delivers. Of course, someone has to keep up to date with the intricacies and technical details of such administrative matters because they can still be critical to the success of your organisation.

Specialists who know how to look after these things for you, often do a better job than having your own people do it. It's good when you know that you have a responsible person managing these areas for you, and you only need to review it once a year, to ensure you are getting good value for money. Another benefit of outsourcing is that you have access to the latest technology without the capital cost of buying, installing it ready for use and upgrading it all every year or two.

So what it really boils down to is ... how much is it going to cost and is the supplier trustworthy and easy to deal with? Our contention is that Compass will give you excellent value whatever your budget, and our people are not only trustworthy, easy to deal with, but go out of their way to contribute to your success.

Which functions to Outsource?

Here are just a few of the functions that your business could outsource to Compass Commercial Australia: 1. web-based communications to all your audiences from a central database; 2. performance management appraisals, assessment centre, staff reviews and report cards; 3. capabilities and gap analysis; 4. strategic information security, control and management; 5. people, contacts and connections data maintenance; 6. staff rosters.

Outsourcing is also appropriate when you need a team of specialists to deal with specialized functions of the enterprise, especially where such expertise does not naturally reside inside the organization.

Outsourcing can not only save you management time and effort, it can also be cheaper and better quality. The key selection issue, is whether the outsourced supplier has a policy of progressively transferring, the knowledge, expertise and data to the client organisation and its managers.

Compass Commercial offers enterprise software, business support, and outsourcing services for selected clients.

You'll be surprised at how efficient Compass software is and how little the outsourcing services cost. Just click on one of the links [at right] to discover what's on offer.

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