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CBS is an exciting project for everyone at Compass Commercial.

The people who put it together ... also keep it current ... and help users get the most out of it. At Compass, we value excellence, fairness and helping others.

Our designers and developers are experienced in working with users to understand their diverse range of needs. We ensure that our technical people stay in touch with customer needs. They provide support directly to client managers and staff. That way they hear of issues or emerging requirements, first hand.

We have a great sales team backed up by highly experienced, fastidious and thoughtful implementation staff. We are now seeking additional Implementation Partners [menu left] and points of representation around the world.

Careers [menu left] covers the sorts of roles/qualifications, prospects and benefits for job seekers.

About Us [menu left] contains a quick brief on Compass Commercial, its operations and points of representation. It has some useful links to CC's history, current situation and future intents.

Compass Commercial is proud to have many associates and friends all around the world. For some useful links from this site, press the Web Links button [right].

Feel free to browse through the other areas [top menu] of our website, and contact us if you require further information [+61 (02) 9880 8877] or e-mail

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