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WIIFM? [Benefits]

WIIFM CBS Users - Other Stakeholders  

Corporate enterprises have many stakeholders, all of whom are affected one way or another by the way the enterprise is run, how it is managed and the business processes and systems it employs.

Stakeholder groups include:
•  stockholders or shareholders
•  financiers
•  families and friends of staff members
•  unions
•  regulators and government
•  customers and the community at large
•  suppliers and strategic partners.

Once Compass Business Suite is implemented in an enterprise, there are many beneficial side-effects that ensue.

The benefits that accrue to stockholders or shareholders include:
•  substantial increase in return on investment
•  better staff retention in the enterprise
•  better strategic positioning of the enterprise in the market and greater competitive advantage over competitors.

The benefits that accrue to financiers include:
•  more stable business management of the enterprise
•  greater profitability and hence capacity to repay debt
•  increased opportunities for sustained but sensible growth of the enterprise

The benefits that accrue to the families and friends of staff members include:
•  rosters that are more reliable and fair so family or study commitments can be met
•  preferences for same or different work times taken into account helping with car pool or child care arrangements
•  better opportunities for career advancement, performance rewards, stable income and improved remuneration.

The benefits that accrue to unions include:
•  more effective and consistent application of Enterprise Bargaining Agreement rules
•  greater access to reliable information for disputes and discipline cases
•  management more able to predict staffing requirements in the short, medium and long terms and clearer articulation of workforce statistics and trends.

The benefits that accrue to regulators and government include:
•  management more able to predict labour requirements in the short, medium and long terms and clearer articulation of workforce capability statistics and trends.
•  better communication at all levels means less safety issues and better OH&S management
•  greater staff responsibility and better management accountability combined with more reliable transaction data capture assures regulators of better internal controls and trade practices.

The benefits that accrue to customers and the community at large include:
•  greater staff empowerment and product knowledge means customer needs met faster and more often
•  better staff selection, appointment, training, appraisal and recognition, and supervisors with more time available means better customer service
•  more flexibility of product management and delivery means more relevant choice for different customer groups.

The benefits that accrue to suppliers and strategic partners include:
•  better marketing planning and staff scheduling means better prediction of supplies requirements and timing
•  greater internal management communication, specification and articulation of business intent means improved available lead times and ability to co-ordinate with suppliers
•  better articulation, management agreement and recording of strategic plans at an earlier date leads to better co-ordination with strategic partners and more powerful alliances.

There are too many benefits for other stakeholders to list here, so we have structured special briefing sessions for other stakeholders of corporate customers. If you think Compass Business Suite might be able to help an enterprise in which you are a significant stakeholder, please contact one of our offices in your region. Just call or email our Corporate Relations Manager. Click on [Contact] below for details. Be sure to tell us who you are, what enterprise you are referring us to, and what your special relationship is.



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