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5 Tailored WIIFM Tours

The first 3 WIIFM tours are for typical users. The 4th WIIFM tour is for organisations willing to participate in our CBS Early Adopter Program. The 5th (and last) WIIFM tour is for Accountants, Consultants and IT companies interested in becoming a CBS Implementation Partner.

Compass Business Suite's modular functionality is so extensive that it provides something of real value for everyone.

Housed in a fully integrated design, the powerful engines rapidly calculate the optimal outcome for rostering, assignments and people selection.

Indeed there are so many significant benefits, that it is hard to take them in all at once. Yet, the system is so quick and easy to implement, and its functions easy to understand and use, that we can get you started in less than a day. In fact, you can be fully rostering your staff in under a month!

As such, it is not hard for the enterprise to bring those benefits to fruition.

We are aware that your time is precious, so we have put together a series of perspectives, each of which presents just those outcomes which are most relevant.

To view those areas which particularly address your individual needs, just make your selection from the list [right].

In that way, it's easy for you to see What's In It For You!....



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