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WIIFM? [Benefits]

WIIFM CBS Users - Staff  

Unhappy with your workload? Too much information to deal with? Can't get the shifts you want? Don't like the supervisor you're assigned to, or don't know what marketing is doing in your area?

At Compass Commercial we understand that you want work to be satisfying and enjoyable. You have to know your career is heading in the right direction, and you have to have a reasonable balance between your work and personal life. Compass Business Suite has been purpose-built to help you achieve this. At the same time, it makes your enterprise more successful too!

Compass Business Suite captures your personal capabilities, and rosters you to a work assignment, exactly where your capabilities are needed, taking into account your preferences for the type of work you want to do, and where and when you want to work. It even takes into account whom you want (or don't want) as your supervisor and with whom you want (or don't want) to work.

Work life becomes more enjoyable as you spend more time working at what you like doing and with people you respect.

And work becomes more satisfying because you get access to all the information you need to do your job well. No more learning from customers about what your Marketing Department is saying that you will deliver, and no more surprises about what is happening in your area.

What’s more ... you get instant feedback from your supervisors (at the end of each shift position) on how well you are doing - you know what you’re doing right, how your skills are improving, and where you need to focus your training and development.

The fairness and openess of the Compass culture lets you take more personal control of your own work life. You can see what information is recorded about you, who entered it, who approved it and when.

Your roster is computer generated, fairly and equitably.

You can provide feedback to management on what’s going right, what’s wrong and how things could be made better. Everyone can see what management is doing about your suggestions and how fast they are responding. Everyone is held accountable, communication is more open and the decision-making process is more transparent.

With Compass Business Suite, you know where you are headed in your organization, and can be confident you are getting the training and development you need to get there. It ties your career plans to your training and development needs, and then rosters you to the right training courses and on-the-job training. Compass Business Suite links your career plans to your enterprise’s staff planning, so management is as serious about your career plans as you are.

Compass Business Suite even helps you take more control over your personal life (outside of work) as you can tell the system when you prefer to be at work and when not. And because you can specify someone with whom you would like to work at the same time or at a different time, car pool and child care arrangements suddenly get easier.

To provide staff and union representatives with greater insight into the range of benefits, we have structured special briefing sessions for staff of corporate customers. If you think Compass Business Suite might be able to help your enterprise, please contact one of our offices in your region. Just call or email our Corporate Relations Manager. Click on [Contact] below for details.

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