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WIIFM? [Benefits]

WIIFM CBS Users - Executive Management  

CEO's and Executive Management have a tough job.

In summary, here's what they have to do:

  • develop and hold a clear corporate vision, and communicate it evenly throughout the organisation
  • understand what is going on inside and outside their enterprise, lookiing for risks and opportunities to develop the right strategies to deal with issues
  • negotiate with other corporates and government
  • build and motivate the whole team to achieve.

    As a key member of the top team, what would make the biggest difference to your effectiveness?

  • more time to think strategically
  • less operational issues that have to be managed by you
  • a more flexible labour force
  • happier staff who really love working for the business
  • greater clarity amongst all members of your team
  • some of all of the above.

    Compass Business Suite can help you with all of these no matter what type of business you're in, its condition or lifecycle stage. By implementing Compass Business Suite in your enterprise, you will be able to progressively, substantially and sustainably reduce your staff costs.

    But, in today's competitive business environment, cutting cost is necessary but not sufficient. So ... we have specifically designed the system that it allows you to communicate more effectively and efficiently to all staff throughout your organization, increase revenues, and improve staff cooperation.

    And there are many other ways that Compass Business Suite can help you run your enterprise better. Here are just a few examples:

    It facilitates your planning cycle by fostering the articulation and sharing of clearer strategies, plans and agreed intents.

    Stockholders and your Board of Directors will be impressed by your command of the facts. Facts about practical operational matters, marketing plans and intents, Human Resource issues.

    You no longer have to rely solely on reports and briefings generated by your direct reports or others down the line. You can see what's going on in your organization for yourself, through detailed information or on-line executive management summary reports.

    Everything is captured from Career and Succession Planning through to the identification of the Capabilities of individual employees to do their jobs. Even staff preferences, performance appraisals, staff ideas for improvements, resource utilization, and training are tracked and used to automatically roster the right person to each work assignment. This saves management and staff time and provides a lasting record which can be used as documentary evidence for training, counselling, discipline and even disputes.

    We designed Compass Business Suite to support a new 21st Century corporate culture which honours:
    •  increased staff reliability - encouragement, promoting good work habits, caring of others, substantial opportunities
    • determination to meet team goals - alignment of personal goals with team and corporate goals, clear instructions, satisfaction, morale, sense of belonging, motivation
    •  fairness - honesty, integrity, staff harmony, appropriate and timely recognition, performance rewards
    • confidence - decreasing staff insecurity, openess to change, non-threatening environment and behaviour
    •  cooperation - communicative attitudes, information sharing, helpfulness, being on time, team spirit, working together

    In summary, the key benefits for the CEO and key executives are:
    •  substantial and sustainable productivity and reduction of personnel and HR management costs
    •  potentially large increases in revenues
    •  improved staff morale and staff retention
    •  better career and succession planning
    •  greater clarity of purpose
    •  better communication of strategic intent
    •  better management effectiveness with less effort
    •  greater accountability with less executive stress
    •  more consistent corporate culture that's easier to maintain
    •  facts at your fingertips

    For additional information on how we can help your enterprise, you, as CEO or a senior executive, are invited to speak with our Senior Advisory team in your region. Just have your assistant call or e-mail our Corporate Relations Manager to set up an executive briefing session at a mutually convenient place and time. Click on "Contact" below for details....

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