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WIIFM? [Benefits]

WIIFM CBS Users - Early Adopter Partners  

Compass Commercial has established an Early Adopter Partner (EAP) Program, which allows selected enterprises to try out the Compass Business Suite, to afford us an insight into the industry and become better positioned to sell our product.

Our normal pricing policy states that:
•  there is no charge for the provision of the software or technical installation support.
•  organizational development and implementation consultancy services are charged at standard rates.
•  "per transaction" usage charges are set at a minimal rate (just a fraction of the net benefits derived).
•  on-going technical support services and advice are charged at standard rates.

We believe that client enterprises will derive so much benefit from using Compass Business Suite, that they will use it extensively. Over time, Compass Commercial expects aggregate usage charges from all client enterprises to represent a reasonable return on its investment.

In an effort to establish its product, Compass Commercial Worldwide has decided to offer its EAPs all consultancy services associated with the implementation, free of charge, for a two month period. Additionally, EAPs will not be required to pay any usage charges or on-going technical support services and advice, for the first two months. In return, Compass Commercial will be able to adopt the EAP's industry terminology and definitions to seed future implementations of the product.

After implementation, it is hoped that each EAP will become a reference site for Compass Commercial.

Because there is no charge to EAPs, for the first two months, for the right to use the software, business processes or organizational design, the EAP has an unique opportunity to "try before they buy".

In addition, there is no obligation for EAPs to continue to use the Compass Business Suite. They may choose to stop using the product at any time without incurring any cancellation fee whatsoever.

The Compass Business Suite contains numerous modules, which can be turned on or off on a client by client, staff member by staff member basis. Typically, EAPs would implement a range of modules at the same time, and experiment with them in their own business setting. Then, after everyone is comfortable with that functionality, another set of modules would be installed, in line with the specific needs and priorities of their enterprise and staff.

We are pleased to also offer all EAPs, for a period of six months, an exclusive right, in their industry, to deploy and benefit from Compass Business Suite in their geographic region.

As a member of the management team, it will be of strategic advantage to you and your company to have someone talk to Compass Commercial about our Early Adopter Partner program without delay.

Just click on the [Contact] link below. Alternatively, you can see our contact details for your country, by selecting it from the links on the left hand side of this page.



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