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Leveraging from Satisfied People  

Satisfied Staff ... Impossible!

When your enterprise has satisfied staff, there is every possiblity that it will also enjoy increased performance and productivity. Indeed, it is likely that such performance can be engineered or leveraged from such staff satisfaction.

The only problem is that staff satisfaction is hard to come by, seems to cost a lot more than it's worth, and evaporates as soon as the management effort which created it, is withdrawn.

With Compass Business Suite, it is not only possible, but likely, that your staff will receive their work preferences, that is, where and when they work, who they work with and for, and what role they are assigned. All this is achieved by the combination of automatically assigning staff according to their capabilities and work preferences.

The reverse is also true. With Compass Business Suite, your staff will be able to specify what they want ... positively or negatively ... where and when they don't want to work, who they don't want to work with and for, and what role they don't want assigned. Staff can vary the degree of preference and give reasons so that management is fully aware of issues that staff may be facing on the job.

Regular communication from superiors is often a very rare commodity. Consistent communication is even rarer. When staff receive clear instructions and full background on a shift by shift basis, and they know that they will receive it reliably and that it is totally consistent across the whole organization, then they can have the confidence that management actually care about how who they are and how they feel. This is one of the key effects of using Compass Business Suite.

Performance can also be measured, once you know what the criteria are. By using Compass Appraisals system, your staff are told on a shift by shift basis how they are going, and they can add their comments to the record so that HR knows who is happy, who is not and why. All this can also be tied into their career planning and training program.

When staff are first recruited, they can have their career and training expectations recorded, and performance reviews can be undertaken regularly, using the shift by shift appraisal records to guide the discussion. This helps with their induction and integration into the enterprise and makes for a long-lasting, trusting and satisfying relationship with their employer, colleagues and workplace.