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Sports Notification Service  

Keep Participants and Supporters Informed

SNS is a Targetted ... Delivered Just-In-Time ... Person-Relevant ... Exciting New Service!

Take the fuss and effort out of keeping your team members, club members, parents and other audiences up to date. It's so hard communicating fully with everyone, all at once. Especially when different people need to know different things. Even though some information has to go to everyone, some bits are relevant to specific people or teams. Getting the right info ... to the right people ... at the right time ... takes a lot out of your leaders.

Avoid burnout! Read on about these innovative new services...

Cancellation Service

Let your members know instantly whether their event/game/match has been cancelled or postponed. No more ring-arounds, or people turning up just to find out the event is off, or listening for radio announcements that you always seem to miss.

Notices Service

Less cost, less printing and postage. No more notices or newsletters that get lost. Save members time on searching or navigating through web sites for up-to-date information that may or may not be there. Avoid member frustration over web pages that don't give the full picture because they are too general or too voluminous.

HOW DOES IT WORK? ... 3 easy steps:

For cancellations:
1. Administrators decide the event/game is off/deferred (as they normally would);
2. They advise the SNS Manager who enters the information into CBS;
3. Club members look at webpage before leaving home.

For notices/newsletters:
1. Administrators create the notice/ newsletter (electronically);
2. They send the notice/newsletter to the SNS Manager who uploads it;
3. Club members read the newsletter over the web or download/print it.


Any group that wants to communicate better with their members, should join. These include Associations, Clubs, Teams (including School teams) and social groups.

Highly relevant for sports played outdoors where weather or ground conditions cause last minute changes, such as Little Athletics, Athletics, Cricket, Soccer, Australian Rules Football, Hockey, Netball, Surf Life Saving, Canoeing, Rowing.

Particular relevance for childrens sports, both indoors and outdoors where busy parents need the latest information, before transporting children to the venue and without relying on their children to pass on written or verbal messages.

Want more information?
Call Gwen Eakins call on 0427 873 834 or e-mail [pre-written], so we can send you the details or arrange a personal demonstration.

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