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Choose from the links at right to learn about CBS and what it can do for you and your organisation. Each link is outlined below.

OVERVIEW What is CBS? An overall description of what CBS does, its technology, its cost and implementation. [CBS at a glance]

BENEFITS What's in it for me? A quick look at the benefits from the user's point of view. [WIIFM? Benefits]

WHY? What's the point? At IBDC/Compass we conceived CBS as "A New Way of (Business) Life". [CBS Strategies]

PRODUCT What functions does CBS handle? [Products Tour]

BRIEFS From your perspective Compass Briefs spell out how CBS works for:
  • corporate organisations, SME's, organisations
  • owner/managers, department heads, supervisors or key organisers
  • senior strategic management, general management, operational & production management, organisation development and human resource management, engineering, administration, etc.
  • employees, customers, suppliers, tenderers, consultant, researcher or member of the media
  • teachers, students, parents, coaches, and volunteers.

TEAM At Compass Commercial we are proud of our team. We have dedicated people who try hard to do things that add value AND to do them right. We are pleased to present our Corporate Information and Team to you - an excellent way of seeing who you're dealing with. [Corporate Info Tour]

CATALOGUE For detailed product information and an explanation of our outsourcing and professional services, select the "Products & Services Area" menu [top].



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