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Schools and Colleges

Principals, administrators, teachers, students, parents, coaches can all benefit from the improved clarity and communication afforded by Compass Business Suite and Compass Alpha Page.

Information Anyone?
Project Assignments, Reference Information, Assessments, Reports, Notices, Cancellations, Latest News, Invitations, Timetables, Schedules, etc. are all readily available to the appropriate audiences, just when they need them.

Here's some practical examples:

  • Teachers put class assignments and resource materials into CBS straight from their computer or scan printed material, photos, hand-drawn diagrams and charts into the CBS Vault.
  • Students can see their assignments for each of their own classes just when they are scheduled [not before they are allowed, not after they are complete].
  • Extra-curricula activities can easily be added and the information maintained up-to-date at any time.
  • Other information can be easily captured into CBS. For instance, when students are late, off sick, on campus, off campus, on excursion, on detention, etc. Or when students or staff [including casual and part-time staff] are allocated to a class or room or rostered on for supervision, sport, training, etc.
  • Parents can see what homework / projects / excursions / music performances / sport training / debating / etc. each of their children has to do.
  • Administrators can see what is being set by teaching staff, and deal with any issues that parents raise.
  • Potential parents [and students] can get information directly related to their application. In addition, they can be given live examples of the quality and timeliness of communication they will receive when they are part of the school community.
  • This also applies to old girls / boys, donors, nearby residents / businesses and other members of the school community.
  • School administrators can use CBS to communicate directly to individual staff members, teams, groups, sets or to any combination of staff, parents, committee members, students, and other members of the school community. Everything can be timed appropriately to show when needed and disappear when no longer relevant. The information can be kept on-line so it is re-usable next week, month, term, year, etc.
  • Alumni of students and staff can be held closely to the school using this excellent communications facility.

School Reports
Schools deliver most of their output in small bites. Typically, a teacher interacts with just a few students at a time, many times a lesson, many lessons per week, many weeks of the year. Each of these interactions includes learning, assignments, assessments and feedback. Over the course of the school year and the student's school life, there are many, many interactions with many teachers that add up to much of the learning the student gains.

Parents also have a significant role to play in the education process. They need to be engaged in the process and kept in the information and communication loop.

What's involved?

  • Student progress reports always take a lot of time to prepare, distribute, then discuss with the students and their parents.
  • Teachers usually limit the specifics of their feedback to limit the time required.
  • Parents often feel they would like more information but do not want to overly burden with constant requests for interaction.
  • Information capture, retrieval, summarisation and communication mechanisms in CBS help to make the whole process more efficient and much more effective.

Staff Reviews
Staff reviews are often limited to once a term or once a year meetings with Subject Masters or Heads who have to base their assessment on sketchy data.

How does it work?

  • CBS Performance Management system helps all parties trap pertinent information, events, issues, complaints and successes for proper consideration and review, counselling and development, without having to increase the number of meetings or correspondence.
  • In addition, the quality of staff reviews is considerably enhanced by better management of the process and by on-line access by all parties to the details captured during the whole period, rather than just before the review takes place.
  • This supports career planning, succession planning and professional and personal development.
  • It applies equally to administration staff as to teaching staff, to casual and part-time as to contract and permanent, to volunteer as to paid team members.

Organisational Development and Change Management
Change is always difficult. Much effort is put in by many people, yet the real lasting and effective change is oten quite small. Some people act against change. Some pay lip service to the vision, but don't really engage in making it happen. Many people don't really see why they need to change. Others like change for change sake.

This leaves just a small core of people who see where things need to go and why those things are important, who understand the best timing, and are left to control and co-ordinate the whole change process. Strategy development, planning, vision sharing, communication and co-ordination all need to be done well, timely and efficiently.

Here are some of the key elements CBS supports:

  • strategy development.
  • planning.
  • vision sharing.
  • committee work and policy management.
  • organisation structure.
  • position descriptions and responsibilities.
  • temporary organisation units and positions such as committees, taskforces, projects.
  • succession planning.
  • process re-engineering.
  • project work and tasklists.
  • communication and co-ordination.
Strategic planning and implementation co-ordination has never been better. With CBS, it's straight-forward, reliable and effective.

Other Administrative functions
CBS caters for many practical needs in the small to medium organisation without having to load or learn new software. Because it is all contained in the one core database, the information can flow seamlessly to whoever needs it without specialist admin or computer staff or people specialised in extracting data and building reports. Here are a few examples of functions available within CBS:
  • document management.
  • student and staff files.
  • skills assessment.
  • capabilities selection.
  • case management.
  • surveys and statistics.
  • automated rostering.
  • marketing and public relations.
  • property maintenance, asset and facilies management.
  • process control and workflow.

All the data is fully integrated so there's no need to re-enter data twice or maintain multiple sets of information. For example, contact details, tagging of people and organisations can be done easily, so everyone who has clearance can access records and see the details without having to rely on others to retrieve data for them. The reporting features of CBS means that there is no longer the need to incur the cost of interrupting other people's work, getting them to summarise information and produce reports. Having it all on-line, over the web, 24x7, at the fingertips is a real bonus.

Next Steps

Just contact us [] [+61 2 9880 8877] and we will give you an on-line demo pertinent to your particular needs. Then if this piques your interest, we will visit your school, meet with your principal and staff and review your needs with you on a no-obligation basis. Education is exciting ... we believe administering it can be too.

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