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CBS for Political Parties  

Political Parties [& Charitable Institutions]

CBS enables users to:

  • Work collaboratively on communication content, unrestricted by the location of the individuals or their hours of work, and target the communiqué at the individual, council, executive, branch or party level in an orderly, sequenced and specifically timed manner.

  • Rapidly target specific audiences through the use of tagging functionality.

  • Capture contact information and person attributes for ease of reference, requirements matching and statistical analysis.

    Document and Correspondence Management
    CBS streamlines administrative processes.

  • It captures, and allows retrieval of all internal, outgoing and incoming correspondence [of all types].

  • It files any type of document or information record [electronic or paper (using scanning)] for easy reference.

  • It manages actions required on each piece of correspondence, document, job, project or program to be tracked.

    CBS supports executive planning and becomes a repository of information.

  • It helps enterprises or organisations ensure their people have all the information they need, and an appropriate understanding about what is happening [and what the issues are]. This is critical when formulating strategy, tactics and plans and producing documentation.

  • By laying out the tasks required and any special instructions, the manager can ensure team members and staff follow the strategies and plans through to conclusion. This helps to focus people on what they have to do and what is required at each stage and each point in time.

  • By integrating goals with performance management, the capabilities and potential contributions of team members can be readily assessed and recorded for future requirements matching.

    Other uses
    There are many other uses that CBS can be put to. These include:

  • surveys,
  • human resource management (including management of volunteers),
  • facilities and asset management,
  • rosters,
  • risk management, etc.

    Primary Benefits

  • better control;
  • greater involvement and satisfaction;
  • improved effectiveness and productivity;
  • change can be managed more reliably and in a more direct way;
  • ideas, plans and policies are clearer and more precisely articulated;
  • people feel more aligned with the team and more motivated.

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